Guest Column: Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan
Early voting has begun so it’s time candidates pare down the message to bare essentials and get it out there. Voters need to know where we stand — and frankly, IF we stand for anything beyond getting elected.

Before filing to run for St. Augustine City Commission, Seat 2, I did a lot of research and put together a web site with real issues and suggestions for getting them done. It was a first — it was thorough — and I was proud. But a friend I admire recently opined, “I have no confidence people will wade through the text.” Ouch! He went on to suggest a “bullet platform.” He had a great point and I conceded.

So I have distilled my 10-point agenda into an easy to read and digest format – a fast food version of the original 10-course feast. If this whets your appetite, maybe you’ll even read my web site,

1. CITY MARKET DAY – vendors provide downtown shopping for residents and tourists.
2. SIDEWALK CAFES AND TABLES – hard to find a ‘European’ city without them.
3. CENTRALIZED CITY CALL CENTER – one call does it all.
4. CITY SHUTTLE – connect Business and Arts districts.
5. STATE & FEDERAL LEGISLATIVE ACCOUNTABILITY – our historic properties are a national trust, not just local attractions.
6. SMALL BUSINESS SUPPORT – ease up on web of regulations.
7. CULTURAL ARTS COMMITTEE – promote local arts scene to bolster the local economy.
8. CODE RELIEF – quaint neighborhoods and historic homes need consideration to meet today’s standards.
9. PROGRAMS TO END HOMELESSNESS – part of a county-wide challenge.
10. PRESERVE AND ENHANCE OUR TREE CANOPY – “Old Florida Growth” defines our city’s character.

Dan Sullivan, Candidate
St. Augustine City Commission, Seat 2