Wachovia ATM machine illegally rigged

Wachovia ATM
Kevin Kelshaw has reported to Historic City News that the Sheriff’s Office is seeking suspects in connection with an ATM machine scam attempt that occurred involving at least one known Wachovia Bank location in Ponte Vedra Beach that was reported to law enforcement on Sunday afternoon.

A service technician with National Cash Register told deputies that he had received a work order to perform service on the ATM machine at the Ponte Vedra Beach bank. When he arrived Sunday afternoon the technician observed a suspicious device affixed to the ATM which covered the card reader. He then took the ATM machine off–line and called the Sheriff’s Office.

Wachovia ATMThe device was attached to the ATM with double sided tape and was easily removed. The fake card reader, know as a “skim device”, was painted silver and appeared to be made out of some type of metal and same molded look of the original card slot.

Attached to the rear of the device was a set of small electronic chips where the card information could be stored and retrieved by criminals who could misuse the sensitive identification and financial information contained on the “skimmed” cards.

At the present time it is unknown if anyone fell victim to the scam and it is also unknown how long the device had been attached to the unit or if other units have been deployed in our area. The investigation has been turned over to The U.S. Secret Service.

Crime scene photos contributed by St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office