How many poor decisions can grown people make?

This is a true story.

The victim is an 88 year old woman who is selling her home in Elkton.

The Realtor is a 52 year old businessman.

The witness is a 69 year old potential buyer.

On Saturday night the witness was at a bar in St. Augustine. He meets a woman — who was passed out on the sidewalk. The witness and one of the waitresses get the woman up and she states that she wants to go home.

The witness puts the woman in his car and drives her home; somewhere near the Sheriff’s Office, the exact address the witness was unable to recall.

The witness gives the woman a business card with his name and telephone number.

The next morning, Sunday, the woman calls the witness at the telephone number on the business card. She states that she is grateful for what he did and she wants to show him her gratitude. She then asked if she could spend the day with him and he said “yes”.

The witness picks the woman up at her home and tells her that he has to go see a house. He invites the woman to ride along. They arrived at the house and were shown around inside.

At some point while viewing the victim’s house, the woman asks to use the bathroom, but, the Realtor, nor the victim, nor the witness pay any particular note to the woman’s activity or to how long she is in the bathroom.

When they were finished viewing the victim’s house, the witness claims that the woman then asked him if they could go by a friend’s house so that she could get some money for a phone card.

The witness says that he then drives the woman to a trailer park off of SR 206. Once there, the woman got out of the car and went up to another woman standing by a van. The witness remarks that he did not get out of his car because the trailer looked like a “bad” place to be. The witness says that some type of transaction took place and the woman came back with some money.

In the meantime, the victim goes to the bathroom to fix her hair. While she is there, she happens to notice that her prescription Xanax is missing.

The victim calls the Realtor, who in turn calls the witness, who, by that time, has taken the woman to his house where he receives the call. The witness stated to the deputy investigating this incident that he told the woman to dump out her purse in front of him and she complied.

The witness claims that he confronted the woman about the pills. He also claims that after the woman dumped her purse, he grabbed the bag from her and began to feel around the bottom of the bag on the outside.

The witness stated that he felt what he thought was a prescription pill bottle and asked the woman what it was. According to the witness, the woman told him that it was some make-up. The witness says that he told her to show him and she refused. At that point, the woman grabbed all of her belongings and left his residence, according to the witness.