Winners announced in Regatta of Lights

Sacha Martin has reported to Historic City News the following results from the 28th Annual Regatta of Lights.

“Alternative”, a 22 foot power boat owned by George Lomax, was judged “Best Overall”.

This year, there were 33 registered boats for the parade that was held Saturday, December 13th.

BEST OVERALL — “Alternative”, 22′ power, George Lomax

Best in Class — “Freedom”, 72′ sail, John Zaruba
Most Colorful — “Momentum”, 60′ sail, Mike Murphy
Best Theme — “Victory III”, 65′ power, Michael Usina

Best in Class — “Sea Walker”, 24′ power, Richard Walker
Most Colorful —
1st Place — “Felicia”, 25′ sail, John Reagan
2nd Place — “Star Dancer”, 24′ power, David Wood
3rd Place — Bayliner, 20′ power, Brad Layland
Best Theme —
1st Place — “Wipe Out IV”, 29′ power, Chris Lowe
2nd Place — “Gator Tales”, 23′ power, Charles Wood
3rd Place — “My Kitara”, 19′ power, Kenny Ganson

Best in Class — “Free Spirit”, 32′ sail, Terry McKertcher
Most Colorful —
1st Place — “Distant Drum”, 50′ sail, Dick Swartz
2nd Place — “Rootless”, 43′ power, Robert R. Thousand III
3rd Place — “Sarah”, 41′ sail, Margo Gere
Best Theme —
1st Place — “Up Helly-AA”, 40′ sail, John Laurenson
2nd Place — “Alice Mae”, 36′ power, David Woods
3rd Place — “Adventuress”, 57′ power, James H. Beard