At Walgreens robber steals drugs — not cash

St. Augustine Police Officer Michal Ochkie responded to an armed robbery call from Walgreens at 4:09 p.m. today, just minutes after the robbery occurred, according to a report received by Historic City News.

Community Affairs Officer Barbara Clifford reported that the Walgreens store located at 2801 North Ponce de Leon Boulevard was the target of a robber who may have participated in several previous Walgreens robberies in Volusia County.

A witness inside the store saw a white male, wearing a hat and a grayish green shirt when he jumped from the consultation area into the pharmacy area.

The pharmacist told police that the man had a black gun in his right hand and the left hand was covered with a latex glove. The robber demanded that the pharmacist open the cabinet where the OxyContin is stored.

OxyContin is a powerful pain killer which, like morphine, because of its mood altering effects, can be abused. Over the past decade, OxyContin has become a popular drug with a significant increase in illicit usage.

Recent reports indicate that non-medical use of OxyContin is relatively high among teenagers. The increased misuse of the drug has led to a numerous emergency room admissions — and even deaths.

The robber used his gloved hand to remove the prescription bottles; putting them into a bag that he brought with him.

Once the robber had the $17,696 of stolen prescription medicine, he left the pharmacy area and exited the store.

A witness observed the robber get into a newer model grey Audi and drive away from the store — heading west on SR16.

The man is described as 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighing approx. 175 pounds, wearing blue jeans, a baseball hat and a grayish colored shirt.

Several Walgreens in Volusia County have been robbed by a white male matching the St. Augustine robber’s description. During the Volusia robberies, the assailant also wore a latex glove on the left hand and had a small black gun in the right.

Police are now asking Historic City News readers who have any information to call the St Augustine Police Department Crime Tip Line at 904-209-3482.