Jail renovation complete

St. Johns County Construction Services Department reported to Historic City News the completion of the renovations to the St. Johns County Jail, which was a two-year, $12 million project.

The jail renovation consisted of a new transportation section, a new prisoner intake and discharge area, a complete remodel of the existing kitchen, and a new medical facility.

It also includes an addition of 20,000 square feet of administration offices to make room for the medical facility, as well as a new laundry facility.

St. Johns County Administrator Michael Wanchick said that he is very pleased to complete the project on time and within budget.

A great deal of this work was accomplished under difficult conditions in the existing jail. In February, Joe Hagans of Keystone Heights, a subcontractor working under county supervision, was walking through an area used to store materials, including several metal doors that weigh 200 to 300 pounds.

According to Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Chuck Mulligan, the 19-year-old construction worker died after being crushed by one of the heavy metal doors.

Photo credit: © 2009 Historic City News photographer Kerry McGuire