Draft traffic circulation study considered

Nancy Sikes-Kline updated Historic City News on her requested study from the North Florida Transportation Planning Organization in response to concerns raised by neighbors in the Lighthouse Park area.

Principal Don Steele of R.B. Hunt Elementary School suggested to Sikes-Kline that a Traffic Circulation Study be conducted regarding the Lighthouse and R.B. Hunt area.

Area residents have asked the City in the past to address on-going traffic concerns in and around the school, the Lighthouse and neighborhood.

The study is being funded by the North Florida Transportation Planning Organization and will be conducted by PBS&J, and coordinated with Mark Knight who is the Planning Director for the City of St. Augustine.

DRAFT St. Augustine Traffic Circulation Study

The purpose of this task will be to complete a traffic circulation study for the City of St Augustine considering the traffic impacts to the neighborhood in the area surrounding the St Augustine Lighthouse. The study will include an analysis of the access for Hunt Elementary School, Way Finding for the St Augustine Lighthouse and impacts to the neighborhood streets.

Task 1: Data Collection

PBS&J will conduct three day traffic counts along the following roadways:
1. Magnolia Drive
2. Old Quarry Road
3. White Street (east)
4. Busam Street
5. Ponce De Leon Avenue
6. Lighthouse Avenue
7. Palmetto Avenue

Eight Hour turning movement counts will be collected at the following intersections:
1. A1A at Old Quarry Road
2. A1A at Magnolia Drive

Crash data will be collected from the Department of Transportation and the St Augustine Police Department for the segment of A1A from Ocean Way south to Anastasia Park Road.
Task 2: Analysis of Way-Finding to the St Augustine Lighthouse
PBS&J will conduct and analysis of the current way finding associated with the St Augustine Lighthouse. This will include identifying the location and adequacy of existing signage along A1A, need for additional signage as well as other means by which directions are provide to visitors.

Task 3: Analysis of Intersection of A1A and Red Cox Road/Old Quarry Road
PBS&J will complete an analysis of the intersection of A1A and Old Quarry Road to determine if it is operating and an acceptable level of service and to determine if a signal or geometric improvements that may be necessary.

Task 4: Traffic Circulation analysis of Hunt Elementary School and the surrounding Neighborhood
PBS&J will use the data collected under Task 1 to study the traffic circulation of the neighborhood surrounding the St Augustine Lighthouse and the elementary school. PBS&J will give particular attention to the traffic entering and exiting the elementary school to determine if there is a safer and more efficient way to accommodate the parents dropping off and picking up students.
An analysis of traffic “cutting through” the neighborhood surrounding the lighthouse to access the landmark as well as vehicles servicing local businesses will be completed. Alternatives to reducing the non-local traffic will be explored and may include consideration of creation of one-way streets and access controls.

Task 5: Meetings
PBS&J will attend up to four (4) meetings with the City of St Augustine.

Task 6: Documentation
PBS&J will document the findings of the study in a report format that is citizen friendly in both hard copy and electronic copy.

This task is anticipated to take four (4) months to complete.