Police searching for couple who stole gown

Police are asking Historic City News readers for help to identify a couple who stole a $500 designer formal gown from a local shop.

On October 18, 2009 at 1:30 p.m. a white male and a white female walked into FiFi’s of St Augustine and stole a cream and silver sequin dress ($500) off a display mannequin and walked out the door.

As the couple entered the store the female asked the clerk where she could find a pair of jeans. The store clerk was able to help her, as well as other customers.

When the clerk was helping other customers the female left the store. The male stood in line to pay for the jeans.

As he was standing in line he blocked the view to the front door. When he was paying for the jeans the female re-entered the store and stated they needed to leave.

Approximately 30 minutes after they left two customers came into the store and notified the clerk about a naked mannequin.

The clerk then realized the dress was missing.

The security video was pulled and clearly showed the female taking the dress of the mannequin and placing the dress under her shirt.

Police are now asking for any one who can identify the couple from the photographs below to call the St Augustine Tip Line at 904-209-3482.