Harbor Management Plan approved

Last night, St. Augustine city commissioners approved $588,500 from city reserve funds for mooring field development, a pump-out boat and water taxi according to today’s St. Augustine Report.

Attorney Patrick Canan, a waterfront resident in Salt Run, summed up the four hour public hearing and discussion on the Harbor Management Plan: “It might be easier for you to solve national health care.”

Included in the discussion: the unique sensitivity of Salt Run as a water recreation area, definition of residents and non-residents for discounted mooring fees, live-aboards and non-live-aboards, and a state pilot program for greater regulation of boating.

The approved plan will place 178 boat moorings in three mooring fields including 80 boat moorings in Salt Run, 28 boat moorings north of the Bridge of Lions and 70 boat moorings south of the Bridge of Lions.

City General Services Director Jim Piggott recommended mooring rates ranging from $20 a week to $3,960 a year, with discounts of 40% for residents – plus another 30% for “wet storage” of boats not in regular use.

Piggott’s figures are based on a study of six other cities’ mooring fees that ranged from $2,880 to $4,135 a year. Piggott projected that the city’s investment can be repaid in seven years, based on mooring field use increases in those other cities.

Photo credit: © 2009 Historic City News staff photograph