County acts on issues impacting the city

City Attorney Ron Brown told Historic City News that four items on today’s County Commission agenda will impact the city of St. Augustine.

The following items were at issue, together with the county commission’s actions:

-A one-cent increase in county tourism bed tax, approved.
-A 99-year property lease for an expanded St. Francis House, approved.
-Extension of liquor serving hours in the county to 2 a.m., approved
-Historic property improvement tax exemption from five to ten years, approved.

Property in the area of Old Moultrie Road and South Dixie Highway is proposed for a new St. Francis House, nearly tripling the current 28-bed location. “If we can get some beds reserved for the city, we can enforce regulation of sleeping in public areas, because we will have an alternate venue,” Brown said.

The liquor service extension to 2 a.m. in the county should be studied for its impact on city hours, now limited to 1 a.m., Brown said.

The historic properties tax exemption increase would follow earlier city action to reward preservation and restoration efforts.

Photo credit: © 2009 Historic City News staff photograph