Judge Berger helps with cemetery cleanup

Adult Drug Court participants spent this Saturday Morning, December 19th, cleaning trash, debris, and overgrown shrubbery from the gravesites at the Woodlawn Cemetery, according to a report received by Historic City News.

Circuit Court Judge Wendy Berger presides over the St. Johns County Adult Drug Court at the Richard O. Watson Judicial Center and she was at the cemetery this weekend to lend a hand.

The Woodlawn Cemetery sits at the end of North Woodlawn Street and is the gravesite for over 200 people. The cemetery is still operational today, but unfortunately most of the graves were hidden by trash or over grown shrubbery.

The Adult Drug Court group was able to uncover the graves and clean up the site by bringing in lawn care equipment and cutting the grass and weeds off the grave markers.

After the cleanup was complete, the participants placed a red rose on most of the graves. The roses were purchased by the drug court program to recognize the people who are buried in the cemetery.