Tanya Hudson: We all had tears in our eyes

Betty Griffin House advocates reported to Historic City News that they had no idea their paper house ornaments would impact three women with a memory to last a lifetime.

Tanya Hudson, BGH Thrift Shop employee, routinely asks every customer if they would like to purchase an ornament. On Tuesday, when she asked a woman in line if she would like to purchase one of them, without hesitation the women said “Sure, I’ll buy one” and took out her dollar.

The woman gathered her purchases and was ready to leave when Alice tapped her on the shoulder. The woman turned around and was greeted by Alice and her small child. “I just want to thank you for giving your dollar. We are staying at the shelter and it is so nice to see that people care about us,” said Alice. The woman paused for a moment amazed to meet the grateful young mother. The two women hugged and wished each other a Merry Christmas.

“It was an amazing moment to watch. We all had tears in our eyes. It is moments like this that make me proud to work for Betty Griffin House,” says Tanya.

As a private, nonprofit agency, Betty Griffin House provides emergency shelter to abused women, men, their minor children. Betty Griffin House Thrift Shops are selling paper house ornaments for $1 to support the children in Betty Griffin House Shelter this year. If you or someone you know is being abused, please call our hotline at (904) 824-1555.

Other support services available to shelter residents and non residents include a 24-hour crisis hotline, individual and group counseling, forensic / medical rape exams, and legal assistance. Confidential individual and group counseling are available in all parts of St. Johns County including, Hastings, Ponte Vedra Beach, St. Johns, St. Augustine and St. Augustine Beach. For more information or to make a donation, visit their website at www.bettygriffinhouse.org