Dinner and a Movie: 48 Shades

Dinner and a Movie has moved to a new night — Wednesday, January 27th — and Historic City News readers are invited to join everyone at St. Augustine’s premier independent film venue.

Enjoy a delicious meal with friends in a relaxed setting, then sit back, order a drink, and enjoy a film chosen by the president of the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival.

We hope to see you soon at the movies…

Tickets: $25, tax and tip extra

Includes: Buffet meal with one non-alcoholic beverage, and a $5 donation to the St. Johns Cultural Council. For reservations call 824-8244.

About 48 Shades
Based on the Nick Earls novel, 48 Shades of Brown, this coming age story is about 16 year old named Dan. He has to make a choice. Go to Geneva with his parents for a year or move into a house with his 24 year old aunt — and her sexy friend, Naomi.

Now Dan’s doing his last year at school and trying not to spin out. Dan’s trying to be cool — trying to pick up a few skills for surviving in the adult world, but, the problem is, he falls for Naomi and things become much more confusing.

Warm, fuzzy, sexy, and drop dead funny; 48 Shades is filled with wonderful performances that color this delightful film.