Slavin taken away by US Marshal Service

Historic City News has learned that Edward A. Slavin, Jr., was taken into custody by officers with the U.S. Marshal Service at about 1:00 p.m. today in connection with an outstanding criminal warrant issued by the Supreme Court of Tennessee.

Slavin was taken to the St. Johns County Detention Facility by US Marshals who verified the status of the outstanding warrant against him. According to Public Information Officer Sgt. Chuck Mulligan, in the course of the booking process, the local marshals were notified by the Tennessee Supreme Court that they will hold a special hearing to determine if they will extradite Slavin from Florida.

“Slavin was not arrested by our agency,” Mulligan said. “We operate the jail.” Mulligan told Historic City News that it is his understanding that the Tennessee court will allow Slavin to remain free until such time as a decision is made on the extradition — “possibly within the coming week”.

“If he is not released at the moment,” Mulligan said, “I believe he will be shortly.”

On June 17, 2005, the Supreme Court of Tennessee found Edward A. Slavin, Jr. of St. Augustine, Florida in willful contempt of the Court.

He was sentenced to ten (10) days in jail and fined $50.00.

Slavin’s law license was suspended on August 27, 2004 for a period of two (2) years. The suspension order specifically mandated that Slavin comply in all respects with Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 9 and specifically with Section 18 regarding the obligations and responsibilities of suspended attorneys.

Disciplinary Counsel filed a Petition for Contempt charging Slavin with contemptuous conduct as follows:

1. That Slavin had failed to comply with the Supreme Court’s Order of suspension;
2. That Slavin had entered his appearance representing clients after having been suspended by Order of this Court on August 27, 2004; and
3. That Slavin has failed to comply with Section 18 of Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 9 as ordered August 27, 2004, by failing to notify opposing counsel and clients of his suspension and by failing to file an affidavit to that affect.

The Court found that Slavin’s failure or refusal to comply with the Order to file the affidavit required by Section 18.8 of Supreme Court Rule 9 was willful and constituted willful contempt of the Court beyond a reasonable doubt.

On May 11, 2006, the Tennessee Supreme Court adjudicated Edward A. Slavin, Jr. to be in willful criminal contempt of the Tennessee Supreme Court beyond a reasonable doubt and ordered that Edward A. Slavin, Jr. serve ten (10) days in jail and be fined fifty dollars ($50.00).

Additionally, the Court ordered that the accumulated costs of the cause are taxed against Edward A. Slavin, Jr.

Slavin refused to return a client’s file as required by Section 18 of Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 9 and in contravention of the Supreme Court’s Order of August 27, 2004 suspending Slavin from the practice of law.

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