Civility at St Augustine Beach commission meeting

With the selection of a new Chief of Police behind them, the St Augustine Beach City Commission spent their meeting last night discussing other less controversial business; without all the bitterness and drama that was starting to define politics in the small beach community.

Strategic Plan Implementation: The Commission is moving forward with a plan designed to make operation of the city more effective and efficient.

Anti-Discrimination Policy: Beach Commissioner Undine Pawlowski introduced for review a “Sexual Orientation Anti-Discrimination Policy” using as its model the recently adopted changes incorporated by the City of St Augustine.

Aquatic Weed Control Contract: An update was presented in response to questions regarding the Florida Friendly techniques used for aquatic weed control within the City. Questions were raised about the effect on human consumption and environmental sustainability.

New Year’s Eve “Beach Blast Off” event: Steve Cupolo and Jennifer Sauvage updated the commission on their efforts, and those of their helpers, to organize this popular New Year’s event.

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