Letter: Childlike behavior by mosquitoteers

Letter: Childlike behavior by mosquitoteers

Dr. Eddie Fleming, Ph.D.
St Augustine, Fl

Dear Editor:

The three mosquitoteers, Randy Covington, Bob Smith and Gary Howell, promising to be busy “smashing mosquitoes and friends of Obama”, are behaving unprofessionally and childlike.

Professional mosquito control personnel, as we currently have on the Anastasia Mosquito Control District, make it their duty to provide disease prevention for the babies, children, adults and animals that reside and visit our beautiful St Johns County.

The “Anastasia Mosquito Control District Professional Practices” contribute to St Johns County by providing a safe environment for our residents and an especially comfortable environment for the millions of tourists visiting St Johns County.

The facts speak for themselves:

$669,000,000 in tourist dollars spent in St. Johns County
$40,000,000 in sales taxes left on the table in Saint Johns County
6.5 million overnight visitors and tourists per year
24% St Johns County Residents working in the tourist business

Anastasia Mosquito Control District has had no human cases of mosquito borne disease since 2003. We have and continue to safe guard not only 6.5 million plus visitors but also 195,000 residents on a daily basis for an average of $2.17 per month on homes valued at $200,000.

How do you think 24% of our workforce would continue paying their bills and care for their families if we had 26 people with West Nile, like our neighboring county to the North?

Individual Candidates MUST have Professional Knowledge and Understanding of the following Laws, Regulations and Guidelines:

•Federal Code of Regulations
•Florida Statutes, Laws and Guidelines
•St Johns County Code of Regulations and Guidelines

Individual Candidates MUST have the Education and Professional Communication Skills to work with the following Agencies and their Laws, Regulations and Guidelines:

•Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer affairs.
•Florida Environmental Protection Agency.
•U.S. Department of Environmental Protection (EPA)
•Florida Department of Fish and Wildlife
•U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife
•St. Johns County Department of Health
•Florida Department of Health
•U.S. Department of Health – Center for Disease Control
•United States Food and Drug Administration
•U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
•Research and Development and DOD Training Program US Department of the Navy
•St. Johns County Dept of Code Enforcement
•St. Johns County School Board – Biology Training for Students and Staff

The current board has kept you, your family and neighbors safe. Please do not try to fix something that is not broken.

Please vote for the following candidates: Vivian Browning, Janice Marie Bequette, Paul Linser.