Report reveals details in Christmas Eve crash

400-Dean-Michael-GlackenAdditional information is available to Historic City News this morning concerning the Christmas Eve crash in Fullerwood Park that left the driver trapped inside his 2013 gray Hyundai Accent 4-door sedan until his was extracted using the “jaws of life”.

The crash, which occurred about 9:30 a.m. Monday morning, was witnessed by two residents; according to the Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles report filed by the St Augustine Police Department.

The driver of the vehicle, 55-year-old Dean Michael Glacken, who resides at 2427 Hydrangea Street in St Augustine, was observed to be traveling “at a high rate of speed” eastbound on East Park Avenue in the area of Beacon Street.

Witnesses told police that Glacken crossed the center line of the roadway and jumped the curb near 39 East Park Avenue — striking a tree, head-on. When police arrived to investigate, one witness had already called for emergency medical assistance. First responders found the car “in the roadway, completely covering both lanes” and the driver trapped inside.

St Augustine Fire Department, Engine 46, extracted the driver from the vehicle and St Johns County Rescue Unit 12 transported Glacken to Flagler hospital with incapacitating, but non-life-threatening, injuries.

Glacken was last released from the St Johns County Detention facility on June 27, 2012, charged with two felony drug possession crimes and a misdemeanor drug equipment possession charge. He had been arrested May 11 by the St Johns County Sheriff’s Office. Previously, the St Augustine Police Department had arrested Glacken on July 1, 2011, on felony cocaine possession and misdemeanor drug equipment possession charges.

Glacken was not administered an alcohol test, according to the report.

The investigating officer was advised by hospital staff that the driver’s injuries included a dislocated left leg and left hip, lacerations to his head and arms that need stitches, and a possibly broken left knee cap.

The report indicates that the driver was restrained by his shoulder and lap belt at the time he struck the tree. His airbag properly deployed. Police determined that Glacken failed to keep in the proper traffic lane, operated his vehicle on the wrong side of the road in the wrong direction, and exceeded the posted speed limit.

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