Submarine mistaken for shotgun

650-epic-theatre-250Historic City News learned that about an hour ago, Epic Theatre evacuated all auditoriums at 84 Theatre Drive in St Augustine while deputies with the St Johns County Sheriff’s Office conducted a weapons search after receiving a report that an unknown man had entered the theatre with a shotgun.

After a safe evacuation, assisted by law enforcement officers, deputies located the man who witnesses believed was armed.

Detectives interviewed the man, whose identity has been not been released, and determined that he was merely attempting to sneak a submarine sandwich into the theatre.

Corporal Catherine Payne advised reporters that everyone had been allowed back into the building without further incident by 3:00 p.m.

In view of tragic incidents recently, local law enforcement agencies have redoubled their efforts to protect the public from suspected threats posed by unstable individuals with weapons. Although this was a case of mistaken intentions, Historic City News was told that everyone involved had rather been safe than sorry.

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