Supervisor: Following up on absentee ballots

St Johns County Supervisor of Elections, Vicky Oakes, informed Historic City News local reporters that she continues her work to insure that every vote counts in next month’s General Election.

Following up for some voters who have requested that an absentee ballot be mailed to their homes, Oakes has identified some mailing delays that can be easily remedied.

“There is plenty of time between now and Election Day, November 6th,” Oakes reminded reporters. “We will continue mailing out absentee ballots for any St Johns County voter who calls us through the close-of-business October 31.”

The elections office will mail a replacement ballot to any St Johns County voter who calls (904) 823-2238 or toll free (888) 960-2959.

In the meantime, voters can go to the Supervisor of Elections Office, located at 4455 Avenue A in St Augustine, and pick up an absentee ballot, in person, now through Election Day.

“Some voters are completing the two-sheet ballot, sealing it in an envelope, and then turning it back in before they leave the office,” Oakes said. “It does not matter which precinct you are assigned — you can pick up and return absentee ballots at the elections office.”

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