Supervisor uncovers fraudulent notice

St Johns County Supervisor of Elections Vicky Oakes said that she was shocked to report to Historic City News the discovery of fraudulent notice that appears to its victims that it came from her office — confirming that the notice is a scam.

Oakes has turned over the initial letter to law enforcement authorities who have already begun a forensic analysis of the evidence.

“This is a particularly heinous fraud because it comes only days before the election and is intended to intimidate voters regarding their citizenship status,” Oakes told Historic City News. “At first glance, the letter appears genuine — but, there are some amateurish mistakes.”

If you have received a mailing that claims to have come from the Supervisor of Elections Office in St Johns County, demanding that you respond within 15-days with proof of American citizenship, compare it to the example at the bottom of this article.

Authentic communications from the Supervisor bear her signature in the design across the top of the letterhead.

The only telephone number on the fake document is from area-code (386) not (904).

What to do if you receive one of these letters:

Preserve the letter and envelope intact.
Call the Supervisor of Elections at (904) 823-2238.

An investigator will want to collect the fraudulent documents for further analysis.

Oakes told Historic City News that, barring any legitimate disqualifying factors, legally registered voters will be allowed to vote in the November 6th General Election.

“The St Johns County Elections Office is dedicated to ensuring the integrity of the elections process and protecting the right to vote for our eligible residents,” Oakes said. “We will continue to monitor this very serious issue of fraud and assist the authorities in their investigation.”

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