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  • Editorial: The Interview is the “forbidden fruit”

    300-THE-INTERVIEWIn the book of Genesis, we learn that in the middle of the Garden of Eden stood the Tree of Life, the metaphoric source of all knowledge and understanding of good and evil.

    The Lord commanded Adam and Eve to want for nothing, to take all of the fruit required to sustain them; but, denied them the fruit of knowledge — the consequence of which would be banishment from paradise and the comforts and security the Garden of Eden could provide.

    Sony Pictures produced a satirical comedy film, scheduled for holiday release, titled “The Interview”. The motion picture raised hackles of protest and threats of violence against any theatre that exhibited the motion picture stemming from alleged dissatisfaction with the film’s plot. In the picture, North Korean overlord Kim Jong-Un is portrayed as an assassination target by the two main characters.

    Although voiced by a group that identified themselves as the “Guardians of Peace”, the group’s threats were later linked to North Korea.

    Sony caved to the threats and announced last week that they had moved to cancel the holiday release of “The Interview”. The threats led major cinema chains to cancel scheduled viewings.

    The Lord gave Adam and Eve free will. They chose knowledge over the comforts afforded by life in paradise. The price of knowledge became responsibility. How does North Korea believe Americans will react if they choose to watch this movie? Do they believe we can’t observe a film produced for entertainment purposes and continue to act responsibly?

    At the risk of portraying the serpent, I will tell Historic City News readers that you have an opportunity to make your own decision. It seems that 250 independent movie theater operators are willing to risk the wrath of Kim Jong-Un and will exhibit the controversial motion picture.

    Yesterday, Sun-Ray Cinema co-owner, Shana David-Massatt, announced that Sony made a new decision to release “The Interview”, on a smaller scale, after significant pressure from other movie studios in Hollywood who saw the move as extortion and blackmail. Groups of moviegoers, civil rights activists, and even the President of the United States has been critical of Sony’s initial decision. Showings for “The Interview” will begin at 11:55 p.m. on Monday at the theater and go for 11 nights.

    I intend to show my support for the theater and the ultimate decision that supports creative, critical thinking for audiences. I will attend. You will be tested when you receive this knowledge. Please act responsibly. Seek out a fig leaf.