California couple turn on local police in domestic dispute

St Augustine Police reported to Historic City News that on Wednesday evening, Officer Mike Linsky was dispatched to a domestic disturbance that was occurring outside near the intersection of Charlotte Street and Cuna Street downtown.

As Linsky approached on his police bicycle, bystanders pointed to a loud couple arguing just up the street. Linsky could see they were in a verbal argument, so he approached and attempted to separate the man and woman.

The man, identified as 45-year-old Van Allen Radford who resides at 2432 Covelite Way in Antioch, California, was repeatedly hollering “You don’t want to do this,” at the woman, identified as 45-year-old Fei Yang who resides at the same address.

Officer Linsky asked for Radford’s identification, but instead, Radford attempted to walk away from the officer. Radford was told that he was being detained while Officer Linsky completed his investigation. Radford refused commands to place his hands behind his back. When Linsky attempted to handcuff him, Radford began to fight the officer who made a radio request for backup.

Radford knocked the lapel microphone to Linsky’s police radio off the officer’s shoulder as Officer Frank Shipp arrived to assist in making the arrest.

Because Radford had already become combative, Officers Linsky and Shipp each attempted to subdue him using pepper spray; but, both attempts failed. Radford was able to push away from the officers because his shirt was torn.

Officer Shipp was able to momentarily pin Radford to a wall until Radford hit Shipp in the face with his open hand. At that time Linksy deployed his Conducted Energy Weapon to Radford’s left side. The device was effective, allowing both officers to place Radford in handcuffs.

During the altercation, Yang was pushing and pulling on both officers in an attempt to help Radford. She was placed in handcuffs and arrested, as well. Both parties were transported to the St Johns County Detention Facility and booked.

Radford is facing two-counts of second-degree felony charges that he assaulted a police officer and first-degree misdemeanor charges of battery and resisting arrest. Yang is charged with two-counts of first-degree misdemeanor resisting an officer without violence. Radford remains in custody in lieu of $4000 bail. Yang, who was given Domestic Violence paperwork, is still in custody in lieu of $1000 bail.