Letter: Post Hurricane Matthew cleanup and repair


Letter: Post Hurricane Matthew cleanup and repair

Senator Travis Hutson
St Johns County, FL

Dear Historic City News readers:

I wanted to touch base with the community on the post Hurricane Matthew cleanup and repair efforts.

Directly after the storm, I spoke to many local officials coordinating help between state and local agencies to get people back to their homes and power back on. The coordinated efforts of local, state and federal agencies along with local power providers allowed for timely restoration of services to most members of the community.

However for those of you with lingering or persistent issues please check with your local county EOC or FEMA for additional relief.

I immediately called on the Department of Environmental Protection to expedite assessment of the storm’s beach erosion and contacted federal officials to ensure our area receives appropriate emergency funding.

I know while much of these efforts have helped many of those affected, there are still some long term consequences and dangers from Hurricane Matthew’s damage.

As we move forward, I am focused on rebuilding and restoring our beaches which took a tremendous hit. I have continued to monitor state agencies and am waiting on their reports to the legislature.

Once a proper and full assessment is made, my number one priority this upcoming legislative session is to ensure our area’s restoration efforts are fully funded in the state budget. While emergency funding has stopped the bleeding in many areas, it is imperative that the long term repair is properly assessed, funded and executed.

Unfortunately, this process will not be as quick as we all would like, but I promise to fight for our community all the way to the finish line.

The most important thing is that so many are safe and can get back to rebuilding and recovering. Thank you for allowing me to be your Senator, it is an honor and privilege to serve our great district.

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