McClure draws on strength of local service along road to Congress

Editorial Endorsement:
Bill McClure for US House of Representatives, District 4

Historic City News

St Johns County Commissioner Bill McClure told local Historic City News reporters today that he will draw from the strength of his local service as he makes his way along the road to Congress.

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Because of McClure’s firm commitment to respect the interests of all the residents of St Johns County in 2012, not just the moneyed elite, Historic City News honored him with our editorial endorsement in his first bid for political office, at a time when the local newspaper would not return his telephone calls.

“We can continue down the path of failed career politicians who go along with leadership, or we can stand up for conservative, free market values, and return this country to its rightful owners – the people,” McClure told Historic City News editor Michael Gold this morning, resonating what he told us four years ago.

McClure presented for our consideration his first campaign video that he says highlights his foundational principles as a Constitutional conservative.

“I’ve spent over 20 years in the private sector, creating thousands of jobs, including hundreds here in Florida; and, one thing I know is that when you take conservative principles and apply them to government, the results are overwhelming,” McClure explained. “That’s what we did in St Johns County in just four short years, and that’s exactly what I will do as your Congressman.”

McClure showed our readers that he is not afraid to be known as an “outsider”. We even found that refreshing when we watched as he stood up to his political adversaries while Vice Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners. It takes moral courage to stand up for what is right for your community and its citizens against powerful special interests — Bill McClure did that, and we have no reason to believe he would not continue to so in the future.

Florida’s Congressional District 4 has a real choice on August 30th. McClure says that through his real-life experience as a small businessman working to create jobs for Florida and his proven record of implementing conservative, free-market solutions to government, he is the best candidate to be our congressman. We believe him and offer him our support.

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