St Johns County’s incumbent Circuit judges and their opponents

275-flaseventhHistoric City News readers will vote on August 30, 2016 to elect Circuit Court judges to fill several judicial seats.

Judicial seats are non-partisan, all registered voters can vote within their division across the 7th Judicial Circuit.

Group Candidate Status Primary General
3 Foxman, Matt    *Incumbent Unopposed Unopposed Unopposed
4 France, Chris Qualified
Slack, Sebrina L. Qualified
Warren, Stasia Qualified
5 Craig, Dennis    *Incumbent Unopposed Unopposed Unopposed
10 Anthony, Malcolm Qualified
DuPont, Scott    *Incumbent Qualified
13 Hood, David    *Incumbent Qualified
McNeilly, A. “Kathleen” Qualified
17 Gaustad, Linda L. Qualified
McGillin, Jr., Howard O.   *Incumbent Qualified
22 Nichols, Dawn D.   *Incumbent Unopposed Unopposed Unopposed