Tax Collector re-elected for record 9th term

After 32-years-in office as St Johns County Tax Collector, Dennis W. Hollingsworth has been re-elected, without opposition, as qualifying week came to a close at noon today.

Historic City News has verified that Hollingsworth began his career in the office as a field inspector and title clerk in 1978 for Winnie Hill, the tax collector at that time. Their office was located at the site of today’s Casa Monica Hotel, then the St Johns County Courthouse.

Hill wouldn’t recognize the office if she were alive to see it now because, in addition to collection of property taxes and non-ad valorem assessments for 33 taxing authorities, Hollingsworth has incorporated the Division of Driver License for the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, and his office is an agent for the Department of Revenue. These additional services are generating fee income for the county without raising local taxes.

Services available today include titles and registration services for motor vehicles, mobile homes and vessels, as well as issuance of licenses for hunting and fishing, and application processing for concealed weapons permits. His office also provides tourist development and business tax collection, can provide passport photos, and even assists with Florida birth certificates.

Mr. Hollingsworth and his wife Jan have been married for 34 years and have twin sons, Shelby and Colby. He is an avid runner, enjoys studying the Bible, fishing and spending time with his family.