Supervisor of Elections re-elected without opposition

Historic City News is pleased to report that the head of one of St Johns County’s best run constitutional offices, the Supervisor of Elections, has been re-elected without opposition.

In September 2011, Historic City News editor Michael Gold was among several who wrote to Governor Rick Scott, recommending that he appoint Oakes as Supervisor on the retirement of Penny Halyburton. Prior to her appointment, Vicky served as Assistant Supervisor for 23 years.

Oakes was elected to her first four year term in 2012. She is a professional with 27 years of experience conducting elections in St. Johns County.

During her first term, Oakes worked to bring the newest available technology to the voters of St. Johns County. An upgrade to St. Johns County’s voting system was completed this summer and the new equipment was first utilized in the November 3, 2015, election. Enhancements to the office website continue to allow voters access to all services of the Elections Office, including access from mobile devices.

She brought new programs to the office which include a volunteer program and Supervised Voting in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Oakes has also given vote-by-mail voters greater opportunity to return their absentee ballots by providing red absentee ballot drop boxes throughout the county prior to each election. Also, the Elections Office has greatly expanded its voter education programs in county schools and educational institutions in an effort to engage children and young adults by teaching them the importance of voting.

Oakes says that she is fully committed to insuring the right of every voter to cast their ballot and to know that it is counted.

Vicky is a native Floridian, and a St. Johns County resident for the past 33 years. She and her husband Paul have been married 30 years.

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