Editorial: Stop clowning around with taxpayer’s money

  • Remember last year when Todd Neville and Nancy Sikes-Kline stopped Mayor Shaver from getting money moved from the mobility “study” account to the street paving account in the city budget?
  • Remember when City “Manager” John Regan argued against adding money to street paving?

Unfortunately, they were successful.

Well, the other day a neighbor blew-out a tire and bent a rim when he hit one of John Regan’s many, many potholes.

The one below is on Cordova St, but it has many “brothers and sisters” throughout our city.

But, hey! We’ve gotten SO MUCH from the couple hundred thousand we’ve spent on that terrific mobility study (like closing Cathedral Place and losing parking spaces on San Marco Ave to make room for bike lanes).

Thanks Todd Neville and Nancy Sikes-Kline for preserving the money for out-of-town consultants and for under-funding our streets.

And a particular big THANK YOU to John Regan.

Lee Geanuleas
St Augustine, FL