City releases 2018 Infrastructure Assessment Report

After months of criticism of the overall poor condition of St Augustine’s aging infrastructure, as well as management’s policy to defer maintenance on essential mechanical and structural systems, City Manager John Regan is saying the City’s 2018 Infrastructure Assessment Report indicates “city-wide improvements” over the past three years.

First employed in St Augustine in 2015, this “report card” is modeled after “The Report Card for America’s Infrastructure” produced by the American Society of Civil Engineers. It is used as a tool for monitoring and measuring performance of the city’s infrastructure and for maintaining critical goals of safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

“Policy decisions of the City Commission, and hard work of city staff, has resulted in an overall improved rating since 2015, from a “C” to a “C+”. It is not easy to move an infrastructure grade in three years,” Regan tried to explained. “Improvement in five categories reflects a total organizational commitment from our Commission and hard-working city team to our top priority of rebuilding our city.”

According to Regan, any improvements are due largely to substantial investment in roadway resurfacing, cast iron watermain replacements, gravity sewer pipe rehabilitation, wastewater treatment plant clarifiers and sludge system improvements, the Davis Shores tide check valves project, and the South Dixie Highway Box Culvert project.

Included in the baseline assessment were performance grades for the city’s roads, water, sewer, and stormwater.

The Infrastructure Assessment grades are used to measure the present infrastructure conditions as well as to forecast performance, conditions, and funding within the short term.

Changes in category grades are as follows:

Water DistributionCB-Improvement
Water TreatmentC+C+Same
Sewer CollectionCC+Improvement
Wastewater TreatmentCC+Improvement

The complete 22-page report is available at