Florida Guard continues Hurricane Michael support

Florida National Guard Public Affairs Office SSG Carmen N Fleischmann informed Historic City News today that Joint Task Force-Florida is continuing to respond in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. Approximately 3,500 Soldiers and Airmen are involved in a variety of missions such as search and rescue, road clearance, shelter assistance, food and water distribution, and aviation missions.

A total of 299 individual missions have been assigned to guardsmen during current Hurricane Michael operations, including 37 aviation missions totaling 195.3 flight hours.

The joint task force is still performing one search-and-rescue mission in Gulf County, Florida and a route-clearing mission in Bay County. There are seven ongoing security missions in Bay, Calhoun, Liberty and Washington County.

SSG Carmen N Fleischmann

A fully manned State Logistics Response Center in Orlando is overseeing Logistics Staging Areas in Tallahassee and Marianna.

A major part of the Florida National Guard response includes manning shelters and points of contact for the state. At this time, in Bay and Calhoun County, the task force in manning three emergency shelters, as well as operating 24 Points of Distribution in Bay, Calhoun, Gadsden, Gulf, Jackson, Liberty, Wakulla and Washington County.

Through Liaison Officers providing support in 10 counties, communication support packages have established RERN & SNAP operations in Bay, Calhoun, Franklin, Gulf, Jackson and Washington County.

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