Protecting children from sex offenders during Trick-or-Treat

Historic City News has determined that Florida is one of the strictest states when it comes to sex offenses. Sex offenders and predators who are released on probation will have restrictions on Halloween night, but you need to familiarize yourself with the location of offenders before heading out for a night of spooky fun.

Florida state law prohibits sex offenders under supervision from participating in various Halloween activities. Within St Johns County, sex offenders are not allowed to participate in Halloween events and are required to display a sign on their front porch that says, “No Candy Here” or “No Trick or Treat at this Address”.

To search the Florida Department of Law Enforcement database of sexual offenders and predators by neighborhood, enter the address into this form.

State Restriction for Sex Offenders on Halloween Night:

• No passing out candy to children at any location
• Must turn off all residential lighting and close their blinds by 5:00 p.m.
• No outside decorations that could attract children
• If a trick-or-treater comes to their door, they are not allowed to answer
• They are not allowed to dress in costume or masks during
• Cannot attend Halloween parties where children will be present

Anyone that is on probation for a sex related conviction or who is listed on a sex offender registry, must abide by the above rules. Any misconduct on Halloween night could lead to a probation violation and even a revocation of probation.

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