County Commissioner Dean to be guest speaker at Roundtable

A newly elected slate of officers will welcome St Johns County District 5 Commissioner Henry Dean to address the next meeting of the St. Johns County Civic Association Roundtable when they convene on Monday, December 9th.

Commissioner Dean is a St. Augustine Beach area resident and former executive director of the St. Johns River Water Management District.  He also worked for the former Florida Division of Planning, where he worked with local governments on land issues.  Dean brings decades of government experience to the County Commission.

“We are looking forward to having Commissioner Henry Dean as our speaker on Monday, December 9th. Commissioner Dean was elected to the County Commission in 2016,” incoming secretary Maureen Long reported to Historic City News. “There are now over 30 civic groups and homeowners’ associations who represent a population of approximately 40,000 St Johns County residents who have sent representatives to the Roundtable.”

The Roundtable was pleased to be a sponsor of SJC 2070 and two Smart Growth Community Workshops that were held earlier in November. Over 150 people attended and participated in the discussion about “Smart Growth”. Commissioners Henry Dean, Jeremiah Blocker and Paul Waldron also attended along with several county staff.  A report summarizing the workshops is being prepared and will be presented to the County Commission likely at the December 17 Commission meeting.

Next Meeting: Monday, December 9
Time: 9:00 am to 11:00 am
Location: Northeast Florida Airport Conference Center
4730 Casa Cola Way,
2nd Floor, St. Augustine, Fl 32095

Ms. Janet Patten, Chair of the Roundtable’s Government Affairs Committee presented our priorities to our state legislative delegation on Friday, November 22. She highlighted the top 3 issues:

1. Repeal HB 7103
2. Fund Florida Forever and
3. Preserve Agriculture land

At their recent meeting, new officers were elected to serve the Roundtable during the coming year.

Jim McLane, Chairman
Lisa McGlynn, Vice-Chairman/Treasurer
Maureen Long, Secretary
Robert Olsen, Member At Large

Roundtable Purpose and Mission

  • The principal purpose of the Roundtable is to preserve and improve the quality of life in St. Johns County.
  • Provides a forum for exchange of ideas and points of view on matters of County interest.
  • Invites speakers from the State and County to address issues of current importance.
  • Determines a Roundtable position on countywide matters under consideration supported by a majority of member associations and recommends action.
  • Makes recommendations to responsible county authorities, and takes other actions appropriate to support Roundtable positions
  • Monitors the annual budget as well as actions taken by the Board of County Commissioners.
  • Communicates to Roundtable members reports, presentations, studies, discussions, and other findings on countywide issues to keep members informed and stimulate the additional participation of citizens in the county in making changes.