Creamer earns Certified Florida Appraiser designation

In just two years on the job, St. Johns County Property Appraiser Eddie Creamer, has earned his Certified Florida Appraiser designation. Creamer, who took the reins of the property appraiser’s office in January 2017, received the title after meeting all standards established by the International Association of Assessing Officers.

Creamer, in addition to other requirements, achieved the completion of core studies in appraisal theory as well as completing two years of work in a property appraiser’s office in the state of Florida.

“I believe I came into this office with the proper skill set and private sector work experience to administer the Property Appraiser office, and throughout the election, I promised the people of St Johns County I would expand my technical knowledge in mass appraisal,” Creamer said. “This CFA designation is a big first step, and I am totally committed to continue that learning process each and every day to make this the very best property appraiser’s office in the State.”

Since taking office, Creamer has implemented more cost-efficient, state-of-the-art appraisal methods, including the use of drones, and instituting desktop appraisal software. He has reduced the operating budget of the office by over 10%, reduced staffing levels by 20%, and reduced the number of office-owned vehicles by almost half.

He is in the process of instituting a new mass appraisal system which, when installed, will save the office almost $100,000 per year in annual maintenance fees. All the while keeping up with St. Johns County’s growth by assessing almost 140,000 properties annually.