Editorial: Stop the pandas

Nancy Sikes-Kline is a “panda”, or, should I say, panderer.  It’s like a “rino” (not a rhino) but she’s one of them, too.  A “panda” tells anyone anything they want to hear without regard for her own intended course of action.  Basically, “two-faced”, or some might just say “liar”.

She also has a short memory and little regard for holding herself to the same standards she holds others.  You can’t hope everyone will think you are the “church lady” when you pull a cowardly stunt like you did in last week’s city commission meeting. 

Even though you are not from St Augustine (your mentor Joe Boles isn’t either, but he sometimes slips, like you, and infers that he is) I’ve heard you blather on about your Minorcan family relations, of which I’ve seen no evidence.  And, after your latest attack on the only cenotaph recognizing the mostly Minorcan founding families in St Augustine, I doubt seriously any of them would claim you.

When you aren’t out traveling the countryside at taxpayer expense, gathering steam for your temperance movement, (the tourism industry is going to LOVE you) you’re out with John Regan apologizing for being white.

The Ladies Memorial Association obelisk in the Plaza is not a monument to the US Civil War, or to slavery. It’s not a “monument” at all, it is a memorial; a remembrance of 44 conscripted St Augustine veterans whose remains were never returned home for a Christian burial.

Aren’t you supposed to be a preservationist?  You have campaigned on that issue in each of your too-many bids for election.  It appears to only be true when Ronald Rawls Jr is not involved.  You turned your back and voted against preserving the Echo House, giving him taxpayer-owned property, owned by the city by right of reverter.  Now you’re turning your back on another piece of St Augustine property that has been sitting peacefully in the Plaza de la Constitution for nearly 150-years.

Oh, but you have “changed your mind”.  Many would say that you’ve lost your mind.  Didn’t you just vote in October as part of a unanimous commission to let the Plaza memorial stand?  And in February, before you contributed to Mayor Shaver’s stroke, weren’t you critical of her for doing the same thing about the Coquina Avenue land grab

It’s okay for you to change your mind, just nobody else.  Panda, panda, panda.