Former Assistant County Administrator lands contract in Flagler County

Historic City News learned that former St Johns County Assistant County Administrator, Jerry Cameron of St Augustine, starts a new contract as the interim County Administrator for neighboring Flagler County effective today, March 1, 2019.

Annualized, Cameron’s salary will be $160,014.40 plus the benefits negotiated.  He will participate in the County’s Deferred Compensation Plan at the Senior Management Service Class contribution rate of 4.45% of salary, which will be paid by Flagler County.  Cameron is not eligible to participate in the Florida Retirement System.

Since leaving St Johns County, Cameron has been working as a consultant.  According to the agreement, he will remain in his home in St Johns County and make the approximately 30-mile commute each weekday in exchange for $1,000 per month car allowance.

Other provisions of the interim agreement include trades in exchange for higher pay.  For example, Cameron will not participate in the Flagler County group health insurance.  Former Administrator Coffey used that benefit, but Cameron is 74-years-old and eligible for Medicare.

Either Cameron or Flagler County can terminate the employment on 90-days’ notice.  Flagler County says that they are in the process of hiring a full-time person, however, Cameron is not precluded from consideration; should he want to apply for a long-term position. 

The commission in Flagler County has had its share of management problems.  Most recently, they are trying to recover from the resignations of both the former County Administrator and former Deputy County Administrator.

As part of the contract, Cameron agrees to “faithfully, diligently and conscientiously perform the duties of County Administrator”. He specifically agrees that he will avoid financial conflicts of interest, act solely on behalf of Flagler County, act in a non-partisan manner, and avoid the appearance of impropriety.

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