Letter: 40-year resident with quarter-century of law enforcement service declares candidacy for sheriff

Letter: 40-year resident with a quarter-century of law enforcement service declares candidacy for sheriff

by Chris Strickland
St Augustine, FL

I have an announcement to make that is very important to the folks here in St. Johns County, as well as my family.

As the majority of you know, I have been a law enforcement officer all of my professional life. I started my career at age 19 at the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office and worked for over 25 years serving you and your families in just about every aspect there is in law enforcement.

I retired in 2016 as the Director of the Office of Sheriff.  During all my career, I have had a goal of leading the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office in the capacity of Sheriff and have worked to earn the qualifications necessary for this position. With the approaching retirement of current Sheriff, David Shoar, I have filed to run for the office of Sheriff in St. Johns County.

This endeavor is going to be an arduous one because I must enter the world of politics. I am not looking forward to that aspect but I recognize that it is necessary if I am to ask to be elected. During my career, I have put the folks in this county first when it comes to the safety of our families and property. Nothing about that is going to change.

I have raised my family here and this has been my home for over 40 years. I have watched this county grow tremendously and have had the experience of watching three sheriffs lead the growth of the sheriff’s office as it grew with the county’s population.

There are many challenges facing law enforcement today. It is extremely important that our sheriff is in tune with all aspects of law enforcement, as it relates to what has happened in the past, what’s happening at present and what we face in the future. As a resident of this county, you have a right to know that you, your family and property are all protected. Being part of a community that works and lives cohesively with their law enforcement is the best way to ensure a culture of mutual respect and compassion toward one another. We can make this county an example for all Florida counties, but we must do it together and if you care about building that culture as much as I do, we can do it.

Changing administrations in a position as critical as sheriff is a big concern for everyone. The folks we police, the employees of the office and our state and local government. That is why experience in this position is critical. The position of Sheriff should be regarded as one which you can look to for answers when things go wrong. It holds a tremendous amount of responsibility and can work for you to restore order and normalcy when life takes unfamiliar turns. Please know, I have made a career of protecting our families here in St. Johns County and with your help, I will continue to do just that.

Our campaign website is in the initial phase and will be at its full capacity shortly. Please visit http://strickland4sheriff.com if you would like to contribute to the campaign.  You’ll be able to follow my campaign page on facebook as well at https://www.facebook.com/Strickland4Sheriff/

I am asking you and your families to please join me as we face tomorrow’s challenges and maintain and even improve our quality of life here, in St. Johns County.  Please get involved, donate, and support the Chris Strickland for St Johns County Sheriff campaign.