Letter: How will a public park alleviate stormwater flooding?

Mary Ann and John Morrow
Coquina Avenue, St Augustine

Dear Historic City News editor:

After being away for only a week, we learned on January 15, 2019, that there will be a city park next door to us. How can the city decide this so quickly?

  • How can 91-93 Coquina Avenue and our property handle all the parking, traffic, and congestion that this street already endures, plus the burden of a new city park?
  • With this property being on the waterfront, it will become a fish camp for every fisherman in the county.  For the last 40-years, we have been dealing with inconsiderate fishermen who trap, dump, and launch their inflatables.  Who will police the park and be responsible for law enforcement of the property?
  • The trash left behind will attract more rodents, wildlife, and late night low-life than we already have.  Who will clean-up?
  • If this property becomes city property, the nuisance will become 24/7. These intruders already use foul language when asked to leave Coquina Creek, which our deed claims we own, to the center.  Are you just taking our property rights?
  • How is a public park going to alleviate stormwater flooding?

Too many questions. How could this happen?  As an immediate neighbor to this “so-called” park, we should have been kept informed by the City, and we have not.