More news and images from Monday night shooting

At about 11:49 p.m., four men, possibly early, to mid-’20s, were bounced from the bar for the second time that evening.  As they left, headed for the parking lot of the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, they caused “a verbal altercation” with staff members.

According to the police update, the men were observed as they left the area in a newer model, silver colored Ford Taurus and drove northbound on South Castillo Drive.  It is possible that the vehicle displayed a temporary tag, but that has not been confirmed.

Later, at approximately 12:37 a.m., the tall, light-skinned black man who had been ejected, returned to the No Name Bar, on foot, wearing a black hoodie over his head and brandishing a black semi-automatic pistol.  The yet unidentified man fired several shots at the doorman and other patrons from the area of the sidewalk and street.  

Cecilia Aiple, St Augustine Police Department

Although two patrons suffered minor ricochet shrapnel injuries, no one was hit directly by the gunfire, the report said.

Two other persons of interest accompanied the shooter.  Accounts of witnesses to the incident state that immediately after the shots were fired, the shooter and other two men each ran in different directions.  It appears from video surveillance captured outside the establishment, that the men reconnected after the shooting in the parking lot across from the bar.

The shooter is further described as having short dreads, wearing an orange Florida “Gators” t-shirt, and dark colored athletic pants — possibly Adidas brand.

If you were in the area of the No Name Bar early Tuesday morning and witnessed a person or vehicle that could have been involved in this shooting, contact St Augustine Police Detective Jeffrey Collins at (904) 209-3487 or by e-mail at  If you have information that could lead to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for this shooting, you can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a reward by calling CRIME STOPPERS at 888-277-8477 (888-277-TIPS).