No Name Bar shooter arrested in Ohio

The man who St Augustine Police have been tracking since the April 2, 2019 shooting that occurred at the No Name Bar on Avenida Menendez has been identified, located, and, today, he was arrested by local law enforcement authorities in Bryan Ohio.

Historic City News released video surveillance images from the crime immediately after it was made available.  From that evidence and hours of interviews and other investigative techniques, St Augustine Police Detective Jeffrey Collins was able to obtain an arrest warrant for Taveon Hodges, identifying him as the man who fired several shots at the doorman and other bar patrons.

  • Public Information Officer Cecilia Aiple reported that at about 11:49 p.m., four men, possibly early, to mid-’20s, were bounced from the bar for the second time that evening. 
  • As they left, headed for the parking lot of the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, they caused “a verbal altercation” with staff members.
  • According to the incident report, after being ejected, the men were observed as they left the area in a newer model, silver colored Ford Taurus; driving northbound on South Castillo Drive.
  • Later, at approximately 12:37 a.m., police say that Taveon Hodges, described at the time as “a tall, light-skinned black man”, returned to the No Name Bar, on foot, wearing a black hoodie over his head.  He was further described as “having short dreads, wearing an orange Florida “Gators” t-shirt, and dark colored athletic pants — possibly Adidas brand”.
  • The shooter reportedly brandished a black semi-automatic pistol which he fired into the bar from the sidewalk and street.

Although two patrons suffered minor ricochet shrapnel injuries, no one was hit directly by the gunfire, the report said.

The arrest was made on the local warrant without incident by officers with the Bryan Ohio Police Department.  Hodges was transported to the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio.