Property Appraiser’s office to publish monthly financial statement

In one of the most refreshing announcements for an elected public official in St Johns County, Historic City News was notified that St Johns County Property Appraiser, Eddie Creamer, has begun publishing monthly financial statements on the office website,

The monthly financial statements are a detail of revenues from taxing authorities and expenses of the office compared to the budget as approved by the Florida Department of Revenue.  The detailed budget is also posted on the website.

“It is very important that government be transparent at all levels.  There is no reason that we, in public service, should not be held to the same normal financial standards and accountability as a private sector business,” Creamer stated.  “A better-informed taxpayer can ask more informed questions and hold those in public service to the high standards we took the oath to maintain and defend.”

Property Appraiser, Eddie Creamer

In making today’s announcement, Creamer, who formerly served as president of Prosperity Bank, later Ameris Bank, said that bank accounts should be reconciled monthly and financial statements should be prepared and reviewed as well.  This information should then be made available to the public in a clear, consistent, and transparent manner. 

You may review the budget and financial statements at under the “About” tab.