Son armed with machete kidnaps his stepfather

A St Augustine man is in custody in lieu of $175,000 bond today, after the local Police Department reported to Historic City News that he attacked and kidnapped his stepfather, holding him hostage with a 36” machete.

At about 5:16 a.m. yesterday morning, Daniel William Adams, whose address is reported as 1304 Vista Cove Road Apt 1304, Saint Augustine, was booked into the St Johns County Detention Facility and charged with aggravated battery using a deadly weapon, a second-degree felony; aggravated battery of a person 65 years old, or older, a first-degree felony; kidnap or false imprisonment of an adult, a third-degree felony; subsequent offense criminal mischief with damage to property over $200 under $1,000     a third-degree felony; two-counts of burglary, one with assault or battery and one of a dwelling or conveyance while armed, each a first-degree felony; resisting an officer with violence, a third-degree felony; and obstructing justice by tampering in a misdemeanor proceeding, a third-degree felony.

On Saturday night, November 2nd, at about 9:44 p.m., officers were called to the CVS pharmacy at 2703 North Ponce de Leon Boulevard.  According to the report, a man walked into the store and told an employee that he was “being held hostage” by Adams, who is the victim’s stepson.  

The victim told officers he got home around 7:00 p.m. and notice the temperature in the house cooler than normal. The victim noticed his 36” machete missing from his closet. When he checked the master bedroom, Adams jumped out of the closet and began threatening him.

Police say Adams held the victim against his will and demanded money.  The victim stated that he was forced into his own vehicle and drove to CVS.  When he hollered to the store manager and told him to call the police, Adams fled.

Police located the victim’s vehicle at his residence and dispatched a Special Response Team to the scene.  Before entering the residence, officers tried unsuccessfully to contact Adams.  When they finally forced entry into the home, they found Adams on the floor.  The information provided by Public Information Officer, Dee Brown, says Adams would not comply with the officer’s commands.

When police tried to secure Adams, he attempted to grab one of the officer’s rifle and he refused to let go.  According to Brown, Adams became aggressive, violent, and repeatedly tried to bite and scratch the officers at the scene. Adams was arrested and transported the Orange Park Medical Center with facial injuries sustained in the altercation.