Unsupervised 6-month-old trapped by her head in a cinderblock

St Johns County Fire Rescue reported to Historic City News local reporters Saturday that firefighters from Station 8 performed a rather unique rescue.

A six-month-old rottweiler puppy named “Fifi” got her head caught in a cinderblock when she was out exploring around her new home.  When her human returned to their residence in Hastings after work, she found a frightened Fifi struggling to find a way out of her predicament.

Fifi was too large to continue through the hole; but, her head was wedged in too tightly to back out of the hole, either.  Fifi’s owner tried to manipulate the rottie’s head so that she could escape but was unsuccessful.

Out of options, the homeowner called the St Johns County Communications Center and explained her dilemma to the dispatcher.  A deputy was in the area and stopped at the residence to see if using soap and water as a lubricant could free the puppy, however, Fifi remained stuck.

That’s when the extrication specialists showed up.  Armed with the Jaws of Life, emergency firefighters were able to break the cinderblock in two, releasing Fifi from her concrete prison and setting her free to carry on with the job of sniffing.

According to the announcement from St Johns County Fire Rescue, Fifi sustained no injuries and she was excited to regain her freedom.

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