Who can name all of St Augustine’s Chiefs of Police?

Historic City News will have published for 19-years next month (March 18, 2000) and we’d like to have some fun testing our knowledge of local facts.  We invite you to play along and see just how many of our local quizzes you can pass.

Next year we celebrate our 20th Anniversary, quite an accomplishment for an online news journal — most fail in the first three years.  But, as luck would have it, we have stuffed a few hard drives full of interesting articles over the last 20-years.

Most of them were accompanied by candid photographs, and most of them are priceless.  Our archives also have tons of “quotes” from a host of public figures.  Some of them turned out to be prophetic while others turned out to be awkwardly embarrassing.

In any event, we are going to look back on the last two decades and hope you’ll have as much fun reading those special editions as we are having compiling them.

As a footnote, Michael Gold, the original editor of Historic City News, will celebrate his 65th birthday in 2020.  Our coverage of the 2020 elections will coincide with his retirement as our Editor in Chief. 

We have been receiving applications since January from the next generation of news reporters eager to take over the helm of St Augustine and St Johns County’s Free Press.  Now is the time to speak up if you have a passion for writing and feel like you are ready to continue our mission of holding public figures accountable to the public.  With your talent, we know that we’ll be ready for whatever comes during the next twenty years.