American anti-communist born in Cuba will address local Tea Party on Tuesday

Historic City News learned that the special guest at tomorrow night’s open meeting of the Saint Augustine Tea Party will be Derby Ulloa, M.A.  Over 60-years an anti-communist, from Castro to BLM and Antifa, Ulloa is fearful of what our near future might bring.

His presentation will focus on what he sees as the most critical issues today.  He promises to conclude with positive ideas for a plan of action to save America.

Ulloa was born in pre-Communist Cuba.  In 1960, when he was 15-years-old, his parents sent him to the United States. They thought this would be a “temporary situation”, but they were very wrong.  The Communist Revolution took over Cuba soon thereafter.

Without a free Cuba, in 1973 Derby became an American — not a hyphenated American. He has been a vocal anti-Communist throughout his life, and more so upon retiring after 38 years as an Art Professor. Ulloa has been tirelessly exposing the threat of Communism to all Americans since 1960.  Because, he says, it could happen here too.

Historic City News subscribers are invited to enjoy a very informative evening during the open meeting tomorrow evening, Tuesday, June 23rd at 6:30 p.m., being held at the Growers Alliance Cafe and Gift Shop located at 322 Anastasia Boulevard in St. Augustine.  A Question and Answer period will follow, time permitting.

There is no admission charge and you do not need to be a member of the Saint Augustine Tea Party to attend and participate.  Please bring a friend.