Conrad gives Glasgow the ax but Director of Economic Development makes an appeal

On August 1, 2011, Historic City News reported that despite the “hiring chill” and budget shortage at that time, ex-county manager, Michael Wanchick, conducted a “nationwide search” for someone to fill a “newly created” position — Director of Economic Development. Wanchick hired Melissa Sue Glasgow.

Nine years later, May 13th, Glasgow says she got an unexpected 5:00 p.m. telephone call that changed her career.  Glasgow told reporters that she received “a brief phone call” last Saturday notifying her that she would be terminated because the new County Administrator, Hunter Conrad, decided to go in a “different direction”.

“It puzzles me to think that St. Johns County would want to do this during a time that city and county governments all over the country are implementing Covid-19 Economic Recovery programs to support critically impacted local businesses,” Glasgow said in a letter.

According to St. Johns County spokesperson Michael Ryan, there is currently no search underway for her replacement. Ryan said the county is taking some time to consider the department’s “accomplishments, responsibilities, and functions.”

The 53-year-old Glasgow left the county earning $115,024.55 annually, plus benefits.  She told reporters that she stepped down because she was “terminated”.  The county calls her departure a “resignation”.  She has appealed the “abrupt termination”.

As well as having worked on economic development in general, Glasgow was handling recovery efforts for the county, which included handling the small business emergency grant program funded by the county.

In her letter, Glasgow said that she had hoped to stay on to see through several ongoing projects, including the PGA Tour Global Home opening, the ongoing Northrop Grumman projects and others.

“It is very disappointing to me that I no longer have that opportunity,” Glasgow said in the letter.

In the meantime, the county administration is assuming all economic development duties.