Two Anastasia Island restaurants close due to COVID-19 discovery

On Saturday afternoon, Historic City News associate editor, Don Louis, reported that his lunch plans had to be cancelled because the restaurant where he was going had been notified that an employee came into contact with someone who tested positive for the coronavirus.

Gas Full Service, located at 9C Anastasia Boulevard in St. Augustine, initially reported that they were going to test employees and would announce its reopening “at a later date”.  By Monday, the popular Anastasia Island restaurant had announced that they are closed, indefinitely.

Across the street, the manager of Blackfly the Restaurant, a favorite of residents as well as tourists, said an employee had been “in casual contact” with someone who had tested positive for COVID-19.  They, too, announced that both their Blackfly restaurant and “Collage“, which is under the same ownership, would be closed.  No reopening was announced.

None of the three restaurants, neither Gas Full Service, Blackfly the Restaurant, nor “Collage”, made any report of hospitalization of their employees.  Each incident where a discovery was made was reported to the local health department, as required.  None of the parties identities were released.