Editorial: The pound of flesh will be paid

Because of the fact that St Johns County commissioners say they “lost faith” in former county administrator Michael Wanchick and his ability to effectively manage county staff, Wanchick was terminated by unanimous consent of The Board November 19, 2019.

Instead of pursuing Wanchick for his failings, they terminated his employment “without cause”.  That decision delivered Wanchick rights to money, insurance, and other lovely parting gifts as provided for in his “golden parachute” employment contract.

Today, during the County Commission meeting, Historic City News subscribers will hear that a General Fund transfer is necessary to ensure sufficient budget within the County Administration Department for FY 2020.

The one-time severance of County Administrator Wanchick, and his inflexible behavior, requires lawful (but unreasonable) recompense to the tune of $222,225.

Shylock will have his pound of flesh.  St Johns County will have escaped another tin-pot Napoleon who quickly let an over-inflated salary and lavish benefits package transform him into a self-centered tyrant.  The commissioners who brought him here from Texas in July of 2007, have all gone.

According to Jesse Dunn, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, the cost of Wanchick’s departure will be offset by Personnel Department recruitment appropriations for a County Administrator established for FY 2020.