Hastings woman sent to the hospital after life-threatening dog attack

Yesterday, Historic City News was informed of an attack on a Hastings woman’s life by two Rottweiler dogs who belong to a neighbor.  Inclement weather prohibited emergency medical personnel from evacuating the victim by air ambulance, forcing them to resort to ground transportation by St Johns Fire Rescue.

When deputies and emergency medical personnel arrived on the scene, they found the victim on the ground.  According to a report produced by the St Johns County Sheriff’s Office, the woman was on her property when she was attacked.  The report states that she was trying to feed her cats.

“According to the deputies on the scene, the dogs were being aggressive and not allowing them to approach the yard,” Lt. Keith Oke said.  “So, they did engage and shoot both animals.”

When they approached to help the victim, an unidentified deputy fired and shot both the dogs, killing one and injuring the other.

After making inquiries, the sheriff’s office reported that the family who owned the two Rottweiler dogs was living less than a quarter-mile away from the victim’s home.

The dog that survived its gunshot wound was taken to a local animal hospital according to a sheriff’s spokesman. St Johns County Animal Control and the sheriff’s office are investigating the incident.