Local officials are re-elected, but some will be getting their pink slip

With ballots representing 48-out-of-48 precincts reporting, Historic City News editor-in-chief, Michael Gold, stood by as the Supervisor of Elections in St Johns County, Vicky Oakes, posted her Election Day results at about 9:17:01 Tuesday night.  This is the last year Gold plans to witness the process.  He has completed the task every-other year for the past 20-years since he founded Historic City News in March 2000; but, this year, twenty-years later, he is excited to also report that he is retiring.

In an arcane routine that was labor intensive and kept everyone in the Elections Office, sometimes until as late as midnight or 1:00 a.m., Gold says that he has seen everything that can happen, happen. 

“Not uncommon at all for a poll deputy transporting the paper ballots from the polling place to the Elections Office, to break down, stall on the bridge, or get sidetracked along their route by an uncooperative cow, horse, or one year, a very protective mother alligator,” Gold recalled.  “Today’s data collection methods are 100% more secure, can be accomplished in a fraction of the time, and can be transmitted from point-to-point in a matter of minutes, not hours.”

As manual counting continues, both by staff and by an ad hoc committee like the St Johns County Canvasing Board, the individual pieces of the puzzle come together until the Election results are able to be certified by the local Supervisor of Elections to the Florida Division of Elections in Tallahassee.

The numbers we are reporting now are deemed “un-official results” and have yet to be certified.  The unofficial results include precincts reporting partial vote-by-mail, early voting ballots, and election day voting, but does not include ballots that were voted provisionally.

Of St Johns County’s 210,059 eligible registered voters, with 48-out-of-48 precincts reporting, the 2020 General Election is the result of 177,557 ballots being cast and counted.  This represents an 84.53% voter turnout; a success for the Elections Office who would have normally seen far less — even for a Presidential Election. 

7th Circuit Judge Group 14Joan Anthony7382552.87
7th Circuit Judge Group 14Dan Hilbert6579847.13
Airport Authority Group 4Robert E. Olson4324533.06
Airport Authority Group 4Samuel Nicholas Barresi3550027.14
Airport Authority Group 4Michael Henne3277725.06
Airport Authority Group 4Austin Lee Lanteigne1927814.74
Airport Authority Group 5Reba J. Ludlow6238147.47
Airport Authority Group 5Jerome Dion3654127.8
Airport Authority Group 5Mark Alan Frazier3250024.73
Anastasia MCD Seat 1Catherine Brandhorst5486940.17
Anastasia MCD Seat 1Tim Burton4990036.53
Anastasia MCD Seat 1Jan Cardia3182223.3
Anastasia MCD Seat 3Gina LeBlanc5568340.97
Anastasia MCD Seat 3Howard G. McGaffney4604033.88
Anastasia MCD Seat 3Felicia Proia3418825.15
Anastasia MCD Seat 5Gayle Gardner6426947.5
Anastasia MCD Seat 5Gary Howell5216038.55
Anastasia MCD Seat 5Ed Slavin1888613.96
BOCC District 1Christian WhitehurstREP11025165.56
BOCC District 1Joe McAnarneyDEM5791034.44
BOCC District 5Henry DeanREP11762273.31
BOCC District 5Merrill Paul RolandNPA4281626.69
Brandy Creek CDD Seat 2Clarence Blalock52257.49
Brandy Creek CDD Seat 2Terrence Roese38642.51
Brandy Creek CDD Seat 4Shawn Jolly55160.75
Brandy Creek CDD Seat 4Charles E. Dicey35639.25
COSA Commissioner Seat 1Roxanne Horvath488862.86
COSA Commissioner Seat 1Wade Ross288837.14
COSA Commissioner Seat 2Barbara Blonder424255.81
COSA Commissioner Seat 2Leanna Freeman335944.19
COSAB Commissioner Seat 1Ernesto Torres229654.02
COSAB Commissioner Seat 1Maggie Kostka195445.98
FL Representative District 17Cyndi StevensonREP9788567.72
FL Representative District 17Dave RogersDEM4666532.28
FL Representative District 24Paul RennerREP1628764.23
FL Representative District 24Adam MorleyDEM906935.77
FL Senator District 7Travis J. HutsonREP11223365.88
FL Senator District 7Heather HunterDEM5795534.02
FL Senator District 7WRITE-IN1720.1
Heritage Landing CDD Seat 1Kevin Austin115864.37
Heritage Landing CDD Seat 1Max Castaneda64135.63
Marshall Creek CDD Seat 4Monique Jamieson Perna126066.7
Marshall Creek CDD Seat 4Douglas Senecal62933.3
Marshall Creek CDD Seat 5Richard Luciano96653.52
Marshall Creek CDD Seat 5Jeffrey L. Riley83946.48
Port and Waterway Group 2Jane West1945355.35
Port and Waterway Group 2Bobby Stewart1569544.65
Port and Waterway Group 4Christopher K. Way1753553.29
Port and Waterway Group 4Roy Jaeger1536846.71
President and VPDonald J. TrumpREP11088662.67
President and VPJoseph R. BidenDEM6380836.06
President and VPJo JorgensenLPF14120.8
President and VPWRITE-IN4270.24
President and VPHowie HawkinsGRE2100.12
President and VPRoque ”Rocky” De La FuenteREF1010.06
President and VPGloria La RivaPSL540.03
President and VPDon BlankenshipCPF440.02
Rivers Edge CDD Seat 3Robert ”Bob” Cameron82056.71
Rivers Edge CDD Seat 3Darryl Howard62643.29
Rivers Edge CDD Seat 5Fred Baron74351.45
Rivers Edge CDD Seat 5Julio Caballero70148.55
SAO 7th CircuitR. J. LarizzaREP11501970.05
SAO 7th CircuitDon DempseyNPA4918529.95
SheriffRob HardwickREP13976895.58
Six Mile Creek CDD Seat 3Wendy Hartley45068.39
Six Mile Creek CDD Seat 3Elvis G. Pierre20831.61
Six Mile Creek CDD Seat 5Darren Glynn27942.34
Six Mile Creek CDD Seat 5Rod Morris21833.08
Six Mile Creek CDD Seat 5Eric Wilderman16224.58
SJSWCD Group 3Nicole Crosby7381454.04
SJSWCD Group 3John “Bucky” Sykes6277045.96
SJSWCD Group 4Charles C. Owen7103153.04
SJSWCD Group 4Brenda A. Stratton6290146.96
Sweetwater Creek CDD Seat 3Charles R. Usina III38937.01
Sweetwater Creek CDD Seat 3Jennifer Hickernell25023.79
Sweetwater Creek CDD Seat 3Ian G. Rankin16515.7
Sweetwater Creek CDD Seat 3Ronald J. Cervelli12411.8
Sweetwater Creek CDD Seat 3Brad Nelson12311.7
Tolomato CDD Seat 1Jon Morris573260
Tolomato CDD Seat 1Andrea Ramirez382140
Turnbull Creek CDD Seat 2Will Simmons83660.54
Turnbull Creek CDD Seat 2George M. Jacobs54539.46
US Representative District 4John H. RutherfordREP9654963.8
US Representative District 4Donna DeeganDEM5467236.13
US Representative District 4WRITE-IN1030.07
US Representative District 6Michael WaltzREP1484965.75
US Representative District 6Clint CurtisDEM771134.14
US Representative District 6WRITE-IN250.11

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