Local pirate krewe helps a single mother to attend nursing school

A scholarship named in memory of Jim Hahn, a member of The Krewe of the 13, Inc. who died last fall, was awarded recently according to an announcement to Historic City News by his wife, Nancy Hahn.  “Jim loved the Krewe and he loved the fundraising,” Nancy said.

Giddens, who had her first child when she was 15, lived in public housing at Carter Village.  After losing several family members in recent years, Giddens was inspired to pursue a nursing career.  She has found support from two mentors as she has worked to chart a new course for herself and her family.

“Once she had her second child, she felt a push to make a change and become a better role model for her children,” Yolanda Williams, a parent educator for Health Families Volusia-Flagler told local reporters.  “We have helped her focus on her life goals and we believe that she is ready for a change. She is very encouraged, very smart, and I do not think she wants to repeat her past patterns.”

Jacqueline Garcia, the grant coordinator for resident opportunities and self-sufficiency from the Flagler County Housing Authority, agreed. Through the non-profit organization, The Krewe of the 13, Inc., and the Jim Hahn Scholarship presented on Friday, October 9, 2020, together, they are improving the course for a young, single mother and her two sons; infant Landan and six-year-old Legend.  The Scholarship will cover the expenses for Losh’She Aundra Giddens so she can attend a nursing program at Daytona State College that leads to becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Krewe Captain Roger Allen, explained, “We want to fix the situation.  We want to use the Krewe’s money, which is hard-earned, to beneficial effect and to be able to stand back and say we helped that family.  They are on the right path.”

In addition to the Scholarship presentation, Gidden’s son, Legend, was presented with a certificate announcing him as an official friend of the Krewe.  The young new “pirate” was given a custom-made pirate costume made by Krewe member, Kathy (“Kuthroat”) Allen who, together with Debbie Van Gemert, another Palm Coast pirate, sews period-authentic garb for many members of the Krewe.

The Krewe of the 13, Inc. is a 501c3 registered public charity.  As a group of 56 fun-loving pirates in St Johns, Flagler, and Duval counties, their membership raises funds throughout the year to assist people with clear solutions when they are experiencing “dire circumstances.”  The Krewe, which was formed in 2015, began helping local families in January of 2018 and since that date, has provided eleven families with life-changing help and opportunities with a total donation of $33,500.  In addition to their fundraising efforts, they also receive monetary donations through the generosity of their sponsors, including Flagler Health+, State Farm Insurance, The Bailey Group, and Marineland.